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My poor sad hair...

I know this sounds strange, but... I actually am sad now, about my hair. I shall explain.

I work for SONY DADC, in what they call the 'Special Packaging Area' or SPA. I stand at a conveyor belt all night, and put together CD's, DVD's, video games, any anything else they send through. PSP games come down occasionally. I work there through a temp service called Employment Plus, INC. Its not a BAD job, just very boring; the work is pretty easy and I've been doing it for the last three years. Problem is, I only make nine dollars an hour doing it. And when they call you off or send you home early all but one day a week, that's not making you very much money. I work in four day rotations, four days in a row I'll work, and then I'll have four days off before I go back.

Well, I have a very sick parent, she's disabled, so we live together, it makes our lives somewhat easier. However, sometimes she has emergency bills come up and I have to pay it out of pocket, which puts me behind on other things, like rent. And food. So nine dollars an hour isn't really stretching very far. So I've decided to try and apply for a 'Seasonal' position at SONY.

Seasonal is kind of like a glorified temp, but with more responsibility. You start out at ten dollars an hour, and can move up to $13 something eventually. Which will be NICE. However, while Employment Plus doesn't really have a thing about hair-colours (I know since even at 25 I like to colour my hair in bright red, with streaks of green, or teal, or purple, or anything else I feel like it at the time), I don't know what SONY's arrangement is about hair-colours. I have worked places before where there were rules about having 'unnatural' hair colours. So I've just dyed my hair with a mix of a level 2 darkest brown and a dark intense red-blonde to bring it back to close to my natural dark brown-black hair colour.

However, I already know, from previous experience, that having dark hair tends to make me feel depressed and unhappy, so I'm not too thrilled with it. It's only been an hour or two and I already miss my red and teal.

I want the job, but this sucks.

So We're Going to Complain Somewhat...

Because I need to complain and this is the perfect place for it. Lets start at the top of the list with the stupid people.

WHY, on gods green earth, do people ask a question, and when you give them an honest answer, they ARGUE with you about it? I mean really? Really? Come on now, be sensible. It's not a debate, I answered your question, be satisfied. I didn't have to answer you at all. I could tell you mind your own freaking business and keep on with my day. Probably would be more comfortable for me that way. My answer doesn't have to be one you like, or even agree with, but you need to get over it and accept that this IS my answer and it's not going to change just because it makes you unhappy. I'm not that old, I'm only in my twenties, so what if I don't want kids, or to be married, and you're only a little older than me with three of them and you 'just don't get it'. I do. I'm happy without. I'm selfish, I have hobbies I'd rather spend my spare cash on. So deal with it and stop arguing with me that I'll change my mind in some nebulous 'later'. I won't. I've been the same since I was a child, I'll likely never change, I'm good with that. Get off my case.

Next problem....


WHY don't people keep track of their forums and fix them when they're broken? Especially when they're heavily trafficked and popular. Speaking of, let me refresh one again.... -_-+ They go down and then it takes you an hour to post anything, and then it multi-posts your stuff because you have to keep refreshing it until you see what you posted. This is aggravating. I just want to communicate with people who have a similar interest as me, as easily as possible, and if you're not going to keep track of the forum you made, why the heck did you bother to make it? It does take SOME semblance of responsibility to keep it running smoothly for the people who use
it. Do your job. Yes, I am talking to you, Resinality. >-<

I think I feel better now. I suppose after this I'll just post my doll stuff for the Resinality folks here and make sure they know to come look somehow. Since the forum no longer works for me. -_-+

Well... Okay then.

Isn't this interesting. Maybe.

Okay, I'm figuring this out very slowly.

Don't mind me, I'm just testing, let me see... This thing is confusing.


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